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  • uses a fake ID to purchase a Mercedes

    2020-10-15 14:22:22
    AIKEN COUNTY (WFXG) - Crescent Automotive in Aiken says a man and woman used a fake ID to steal a Mercedes from their lot.

    2020-09-26 20:27:17
    Key West Police Department seized drugs, guns and money after a minor tried using a fake ID Sunday at a Duval Street bar.
  • Baseless Claim Turns Fake IDs

    2020-09-14 20:45:42
    A claim being shared on Facebook distorts the facts about fake IDs seized in a Chicago airport this year, baselessly claiming the phony IDs were tied to names
  • after fake ID found

    2020-08-27 12:35:34
    Fake driver’s licenses grabbed by customs officials since early 2020 became subjects of voting-related rumors.
  • after fake ID found

    2020-08-18 12:51:39
    Wadala government railway police (GRP) on Saturday arrested a 33-year-old garment seller for traveling in a local train using a fake identity card of a civic medical staff.
  • after fake ID found

    2020-08-06 21:16:22
    The trial began on Aug. 4. On Wednesday, the federal government, represented by assistant Assistant U.S. Attorney Garth Backe, rested the prosecution’s case after calling in four federal and local enforcement officers to testify. Backe also presented evidence, which included a forged U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services receipt, Piao’s 2014 and 2017 driver’s license application packets, among other things.
  • after fake ID found

    2020-07-27 12:59:12
    New Delhi [India], July 26 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Saturday arrested a person for allegedly impersonating a Major in Indian Army and seized an ID Card of Major rank from his possession.
  • selling fake ID on the dark web

    2020-07-15 12:19:26
    fter stealing more than $500 in liquor, man jumps in waiting taxi; a returned wallet foils fake ID holder: Glenview Police Blotter.
  • About Fake IDs Claiming Holder Doesn't Have to Wear Mask

    2020-07-02 08:05:20
    The wearing of masks has been and is a real flash point and now a trade group in Florida representing restaurants and hotels is warning its members not to be duped by an authentic looking ID that says that the card holder doesn’t have to wear a mask.
  • selling fake ID on the dark web

    2020-06-22 09:16:49
    A Hagerstown-area woman was released on her own recognizance last week after being charged with trying to buy a used Mercedes using a forged driver's license.
  • fake ID to get iPhone

    2020-05-28 14:13:41
    The 26-year-old is actually a Nigerian immigrant who lived in Hartford End, Basildon.
  • fake ID’s after bust

    2020-05-22 09:31:13
    STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Fake ID’s in a college town might be as old as underage drinking. But police say, this time, there’s a potential for much more trouble; even for the person buying them.
  • running a fake ID

    2020-05-14 09:59:06
    Authorities found more than 5,000 counterfeit credit cards and driver’s licenses, forging equipment and a dismantled gun in the attic of a Teaneck man who now stands accused of running a large-scale fake credit card and identification operation, authorities said.
  • use fake ID

    2020-05-07 09:40:40
    When security at the University of Victoria noticed a man on campus Friday they monitored him and deemed his presence suspicious.
  • Police shutter fake ID lab in Cambridge

    2020-05-01 18:14:30
    Waterloo Regional Police say they have shuttered a fake ID lab in Cambridge and arrested a 28-year-old man following a two-month investigation.
  • stolen identity fake

    2020-04-24 11:32:05
    STONINGTON — A complaint from a Mystic business led officers to arrest a woman from New York who was attempting to use a fake ID to broker a fraudulent transaction worth thousands of dollars, the police said.
  • Identify a Fake ID

    2020-04-17 11:03:39
    Extensive use of fake IDs is increasing problems for law enforcement and several other organizations. People obtain these ids for different purposes, such as fun, entertainment and criminal activities. In this situation, plenty of people are offering services to design fake Ids.
  • fake ID during lockdown

    2020-04-10 09:49:55
    A man was arrested and car seized after he posed as a gazetted government officer to roam around freely during lockdown in Delhi.
  • Fake identification used for cannabis

    2020-03-24 19:43:53
    ACT Police believe fake identification has been used to obtain rental agreements at four Canberra homes for the purpose of growing and trafficking large amounts of cannabis.
  • fake IDs confiscated

    2020-03-13 16:29:10
    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Louisville says officers have seized thousands of fake items -- including fake IDs and passports -- over the past six months.
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