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No one will find out using our fake ID card
2019-10-08 20:48:13

Despite anti-fraud measures such as ultraviolet ink marking and holographic overlays, a growing underground economy of sites has emerged for criminals looking to obtain and use fraudulent US ID cards according to new research from Flashpoint.

Although only few of these sites can deliver quality fraudulent reproductions, there are some sites with high ratings and positive reviews that can deliver cards which will bypass the security measures protecting legitimate government-issued cards.

Fake ID cards pose a threat to facilities that scan IDs for entry as well as businesses such as banks and other financial institutions that rely on Know Your Customer requirements to verify the identity of customers.

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Legitimate identification cards in the US contain complex fraud-protection measures such as the stars on REAL ID-compliant driver's licenses or properly formatted scannable barcodes. These IDs are also made of specific materials that are durable and transmit light in order to support these security measures.